C. M. Kosemen

C. M. Kosemen

Artist and Researcher


Art with Midjourney

In 2022 I started experimenting with the Midjourney A.I. to create surreal art. The algorithm produces phenomenally-effective results, but also raises questions of ownership - even more so considering you can instruct it to mimic the style of any artist, living or dead. For this reason, I decided to display most of my Midjourney-derived artworks in a distinct page.

A.I.-derived art works best if one spends more than a lunchtime's labour on each work; collaging distinct elements, painting out superfluous details and painting in extra figures that support a narrative. A.I.-derived tools will likely become an indispensible part of an artist's toolkit in the near future.

This is not my first attempt at A.I.-derived art.
Visit this link to see an earlier collaboration involving Google's DeepDream algorithm.

Visit this link to see a palaeontology-themed A.I. collaboration.


Tengu of the Desert

Echinoderm Goddess

Idol of the First God on Earth

The First God on Earth

Star Demon Ai Morudax

Beelzebub 's Evening Stroll

Tengu Alien I

Tengu Alien II

Anatolian Goddess

Flute-Player of the Great Goddess Kybele

Marian Apparition

Goddess of the Minoans

God of the Mirages

Inuit Demon

The Entity Responsible for the Mothman Incident

Orchid Alien

Consort of the Pleiades

Dickensian Nightmare

Dickensian Angel

Sardinian Masks

Luft 46 Skeletal Drawing

Echinoderm Angels

Pycnogonid Demon

Arachnid Demons in Ottoman Manuscript

Lepidopter God in Ledger Painting Style

Mothman as Thunder Being

Maypole Dance

Rousseauan Apparition

Rousseauan Proboscis Demon

Surrealist Terraformers

The Last Perfect Day on the Mediterranean

Monument to an Abstract Conqueror

Sphingioid Figures

The Impossible Museum



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