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Two previous compilations of my sketches exist, available to download as free .pdf e-books:
1. Tangent Worlds: From the Sketchbooks of C. M. Kosemen
2. Alternate Life: From the Online Sketchbooks of C. M. Kosemen


Sketch of Hadropsittacoides; a fat, omnivorous, parrot-like reptile from an alternative line of repto/avian evolution. Not a real animal, but the result of an exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketches of three sauropod dinosaurs. From left to right, they are Brachiosaurus, Mamenchisaurus and Camarasaurus. I examined x-rays of extant long-necked birds and experimented with a style of reconstruction where I drew the neck very thick at the point it joins the body, and then immediately gets slimmer in order to conserve weight.

Frivolous sketch of a witch, making love to a giant fly.

Loose sketches of a sauropod dinosaur (below), and a speculative animal that looks like a sauropod dinosaur (above).

A big page of random creature sketches.

Sketch of a biological "tombstone" that greets visitors and prays for the soul of the person lying beneath it. An artificial organism that subsists on photosynthesis and organic detritius.

Sketches of squid-like animals from an exercise in speculative evolution. The ones shown below are primeval forms, the creature on the top is a highly-evolved variety.

Sketch of Ebraria, a creature I designed for a Lovecraftian horror story project. Ebraria was a pregnant, para-human mummy discovered by Italian army officers in 1912 as they conquered Tripolitania from the Ottoman Empire. Too bad I never got around to writing this story. The image of the Italian officer is not mine, it was sourced from a history book.

Sketch of a crocodile-like creature jumping on a naked human.

Ink sketches of dog-like tripod animals from a unique line of terrestrial vertebrates - results of an exercise in speculative evolution.
On the left is Gracilitribamus, a swift-footed hunter of small animals. On the right is Penumbrurus, a large omnivore with heavy legs and impressive wattles.

Pen-and-marker sketch of a colourful fantasy creautre that resembles a dog-reptile hybrid.

Sketch of a horn-blowing herald-swordsman and a club-wielding crocodile-shaman, a dangerous duo out to do some serious damage.

Marker sketch of a galloping, bird-headed horse creature.

Sketches of a spherical robot, and a bird-like walking creature.

Sketch of a surreal demon-bird figure.

Sketches of two "eye birds", with heads mostly consisting of enormous, wide-angle-lens eyes. Living tools bred by an unknown race, designed as parts of an exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of a giant spider that has evolved from regular ancestors on a low-gravity alien planet. An exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of the mightiest beast on an alien world with high gravity - about the size of a shoe. An exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of two whimsical birds; one digs furrows, and the other plants seeds in them.

A diverse selection of surreal sketches, including the design for the "hand" of an intelligent alien species.

A diverse selection of surreal sketches.

Sketch of Regressitherium, a species of mammal that has secondarily reverted to a cold-blooded, lizard-like existence as a result of its isolated evolution on a barren island chain. Not a real animal, but the product of an exercise in speculative evolution.

Visions big, long-necked bird-creatures roaming mountain valleys, feeding on nectar that flows from the tops of unusual pillar trees. These are not real animals, but products of an exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of a bird-spirit forcing a feminine spirit to kneel. (Don't worry it's all consensual).

If you sleep in this "blinking house", you will be visited at midnight by the two creatures seen on the right.

Sketch of a bipedal, chevrotain-like animal; an exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of an alien raptoriform animal that finds its prey with sonar-broadcasting antennae.

Sketches of two giant feline / aquiline creatures, in scale with human figures.

Sketch of a pterosaur that has adapted to a penguin-like lifestyle, an exercise in speculative evolution.

I first doodled this random alien submachine gun (above), then tried to imagine the hand that could grasp it (below).

Sketches of a tall-finned sperm whale, after a type of marine cryptid.

Sketch of a fantastic spaceship that resembles an insect.

Sketch of a fantastic spaceship that resembles an insect.

Sketches of insectile "organic rifles", culminating in a big fat termite that one simply cradles about and shoots like a living squirt-gun. I have no idea why a civilisation potent enough to mould insects into kinetic weapons would need to have rifles, but this was nevertheless a fun exercise.

Colour study, in pencil, for the "decal crature" that appears on the entrance page of this website.

Unreferenced sketch of an ichthyosaur, a type of prehistoric marine reptile.

Sketch of a Star Wars spaceship derived from Aegirocassis, a prehistoric marine invertebrate.

Sketch of a stocky, bird-and-turtle-like reptile playing with a ball. An exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of fully-aquatic predatory dinosaurs evolved from spinosaurs.
Not real animals, but an exercise in speculative evolution.

Doodle of a fly-like form.

Various creature-forms glimpsed in the images generated by the Ganbreeder algorithm.

Sketch of the prehistoric archosaur Poposaurus, from a skeletal drawing by the great Scott Hartman.

Make way seabird, the chonk creature (Chonkidon sp.) is coming! An exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of a moth drawn from real life, family Pyralidae - not Geometridae as the caption indicates.

An architectural fantasy.

Sketches of Metautarops and Pseudosymmetrognathus, oversize arthropods that evolved rodent-like bodyplans. These are not real animals, but products of an exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of a machine pistol produced from bone-like organic parts.

This image I produced in Ganbreeder formed the basis of the gun-snouted creature seen below.

Sketches chronicling the evolution of "flat amphibians" from a lineage of laterally-flattened lungfish.

Sketches of two fantastic tombstones.

Sketch of an "ancestral dinosaur"; a hypothetical form which may have given rise to all main groups of dinosaurs.

A portrait of Velociraptor, the famous bird-like predatory dinosaur.

Sketch of a big-brained dinosaur, an exercise in speculative evolution.

Pencil study of the early dinosaur Coelophysis.

Drawing of a lion-like animal fighting a snake-like animal, inspired by an old mural.

Collage sketch of a Bull of Apis.

Sketch of a hexapedal dream-woman.

The famous paradoxical Cambrian organism Opabinia re-designed as a vertebrate-like animal, after a concept by Julio Nicoletti.

Various sea monsters from Snaiad, alongside other creatures.

Sketch of an ancient flying reptile by the ruins of an arcane lost city.

A bird-like dream creature.

Sketches of "organic houses" arrayed on an alien plain.



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