C. M. Kosemen

C. M. Kosemen

Artist and Researcher



Two previous compilations of my sketches exist, available to download as free .pdf e-books:
1-) Tangent Worlds: From the Sketchbooks of C. M. Kosemen
2-) Alternate Life: From the Online Sketchbooks of C. M. Kosemen


Sketch of a bipedal, chevrotain-like animal; an exercise of speculative evolution.

Sketch of an alien raptoriform animal that finds its prey with sonar-broadcasting antennae.

Sketches of two giant feline / aquiline creatures, in scale with human figures.

Sketch of a pterosaur that has adapted to a penguin-like lifestyle, an exercise in speculative evolution.

I first doodled this random alien submachine gun (above), then tried to imagine the hand that could grasp it (below).

Sketches of a tall-finned sperm whale, after a type of marine cryptid.

Sketch of a fantastic spaceship that resembles an insect.

Sketch of a fantastic spaceship that resembles an insect.

Sketches of insectile "organic rifles", culminating in a big fat termite that one simply cradles about and shoots like a living squirt-gun. I have no idea why a civilisation potent enough to mould insects into kinetic weapons would need to have rifles, but this was nevertheless a fun exercise.

Colour study, in pencil, for the "decal crature" that appears on the entrance of this website.

Unreferenced sketch of an ichthyosaur, a type of prehistoric marine reptile.

Sketch of a Star Wars spaceship derived from Aegirocassis, a prehistoric marine invertebrate.

Sketch of a stocky, bird-and-turtle-like reptile playing with a ball. An exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of fully-aquatic predatory dinosaurs evolved from spinosaurs.
Not real animals, but an exercise in speculative evolution.

Doodle of a fly-like form.

Various creature-forms glimpsed in the images generated by the Ganbreeder algorithm.

Sketch of the prehistoric archosaur Poposaurus, from a skeletal drawing by the great Scott Hartman.

Make way, the chonk creature is coming along! An exercise in speculative evolution.

Sketch of a moth drawn from real life, family Pyralidae - not Geometridae as the caption indicates.

An architectural fantasy.

Sketches of Metautarops and Pseudosymmetrognathus;
results from an evolutionary exercise where I tried to imagine arthropods that evolved rodent-like bodyplans.

Sketch of a machine pistol produced from bone-like organic parts.

This image I produced in Ganbreeder formed the basis of the gun-snouted creature seen below.

Sketches chronicling the evolution of "flat amphibians" from a lineage of laterally-flattened lungfish.

Sketches of two fantastic tombstones.

Sketch of an "ancestral dinosaur"; a hypothetical form which later give rise to all main groups of dinosaurs.

A portrait of Velociraptor, the famous dinosaur.

Sketch of a big-brained dinosaur, an exercise in speculative evolution.

Pencil study of the early dinosaur Coelophysis.

Drawing of a lion-like animal fighting a snake-like animal, inspired by an old mural.

Collage sketch of a Bull of Apis.

Sketch of a hexapedal dream-woman.

The famous paradoxical Cambrian organism Opabinia re-designed as a vertebrate-like animal, after a concept by Julio Nicoletti.

Various sea monsters from Snaiad, alongside other creatures.

Sketch of an ancient flying reptile by the ruins of an arcane lost city.

A bird-like dream creature.

Sketches of "organic houses" arrayed on an alien plain.



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